Monday, November 26, 2012

NH Provincial Deeds online

The New Hampshire Provincial Deeds are online. Here is how to access images of the deeds. Start by going to New Hampshire County Registries of Deeds

Select Rockingham County

In the menu on left – go to Search County Records
            Read How to Search Records and How to use the Website
            Then go to Search County Records in the menu
                        Read the disclaimer
                        Click Accept Disclaimer Agreement

Now – be patient – it takes somewhat less than a minute for the Search Box to come up, but it feels like ages! If it doesn’t come up after a good minute then you have to read the information about verifying JAVA, etc. Once you’ve updated JAVA and cleared the old JAVA out of your computer you should get the Search Box and be all set. FYI computer #4 at the Nashua Family History Center is set up for this search.

To begin your search this is important: You must first select the index you want. In the Select Index section the Day in Progress Grantor is the default index. That won’t get you to Provincial Deeds. Click the down arrow there and select either Verified Grantor 01/01/1629-... or Verified Grantee 01/01/1629-.... Today I’ll start with Verified Grantor 01/01/1629-11/14/2012. Type the surname first then the first name. Remember to try different spellings (ex: Swain, Swaine, Swayne). I started with SWAIN WILLIAM, clicked ‘Click Here to Begin Index Search’ and was rewarded with a nice list of men named William Swain & their deeds.

Choose the one you want to see and highlight the line by clicking on it. Then at the bottom click View Document – and it comes right up! You can zoom in and out; go to prior & next documents; etc. Look around and play with the page. I haven’t yet seen a way to print the deed, but it seems to me that I remember reading that you need to have an account & pay. If you are very clever you may be able to figure out how to use the Print Screen key, save to your Paint program (or something else) and print from there. I haven’t done that in a very long time, so won’t attempt it now.

When you are ready to try another name, at the bottom of the indexed list, click New Index Selection.

Have fun.

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  1. If you rotate the image 90 degrees and set the zoom so that the entire document fits on your screen, you can use Windows "Snipping Tool" to capture and save the image. It will have the "Unofficial Document" watermark, but it's still a very nice image. If you haven't used the Snipping Tool before, just click on your Start Button (lower left corner for me). In the space that says "Search Programs and Files," type in Snipping Tool. Then just click on it to start the application. It's very easy!